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To provide advanced education, higher, technological, professional instruction and training in fisheries technology, arts, and sciences, education, industrial technology, engineering, aquaculture, seaweed farming and other related fields of study and as may be relevant to national development. It shall also undertake research, extension services and production activities in support of the development of the Province of Iloilo and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.


To upgrade quality education, generate jobs, and alleviate poverty through excellent academic programs.


To become a premier academic institution in Southeast Asia.









  1. Provide technical assistance in education, fisheries, maritime industry, agriculture, food technology and hospitality services, entrepreneurship and industrial technology to clientele.
  2. Conduct Information and Education Campaign (IEC) and distance education through print and broadcast media, and Information Technology facilities.
  3. Empower human resources by enhancing their capabilities through skills trainings, organizing, gender mainstreaming and sensitivity, and active participation in community development.
  4. Improve literacy rate among minorities, pre-schoolers and out-of-school youth.
  5. Assist the community/clientele in developing project proposals and acquire financial assistance from different funding agencies.
  6. Establish Training Centers to cater needs of trainees for the maritime industry, fisheries, agriculture, food technology and hospitality services, entrepreneurship and industrial technology.
  7. Promote and disseminate information on environmental protection and conservation and implement measures to mitigate climate change.

Extension Services and Community Development Programs, Projects and Activities

No. TITLE ACTIVITIES/PROGRAM Date Venue Participants
1. Automated Police Clearance System and Cartographic Sketch Januray – December, 2019 Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo BNMPS Personel
2. Work Immersion Program for Senior High School Students with Specialization in Agriculture Crop Production and Organic Agriculture January 7 – December 6, 2019 San Rafael National HS, San Enrique National HS, Barotac Viejo National HS, Tina National HS, Duenas General Compre. HS, Mina National HS, Dingle National HS, Delapaz National HS nad Culasi National HS Senior HS Students Specializing in Agricultural Crops and Organic Agriculture
3. Modified Basic Safety Training Course January 21 – 22, 2019 Brgy. Manoc Manoc Gym, Boracay Malay Aklan 177 participants attended, COMS, MARINA
4. Community Immersion February – March, 2019 Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo Patag Brgy. Folks/NSTP Students, Faculty and Staff
5. Functional Remedial Literacy: Remedial Reading & Math Instruction February 6, 2019 – September 20,2019 Vicente Aguilar National High School Selected Grade 7 and Grade 8 Students
6. Training and Assessment in Agricultural Crop production /Organic Agriculture February 15 – March 22, 2019 ISCFO Dingle Campus Farmers, Students, Out-of-School Youth, Non-degree holders
7. Training – Workshop On Teacher – Learning Enhancement In Computer March 7, 2019 – April 16, 2019 ISCOF-SEC CCS Computer Lab 2 DEPED Teacher Applicants (District of San Enrique)
8. Firedrill Training March 12, 2019 College Gymnasium ISCOF Students, Faculty, Staff and BFP Team
9. Project Learn April 22 – 25, 2019 Sitio BayBay Brgy. Lanas, Barotac Nuevo COED Faculty & Students Residents of Sitio Baybay
10. Pagdihon Livelihood Training Program and Leadership Training April 23 – 30, 2019 ISCOF Dingle Campus Housewives, BHW, Farmers, People Organization of Dingle, Allied Agencies and out-of-School Youth
11. Technology Transfer of Improved Dried Production from Low-Value Fish Species April 24, 2019 Sitio Lamintao Barangay Talisay, Barotac Nuevo Residents of Sitio Lamintao ISCOF Faculty
12. Clean Up Drive June 5, 2019 Dumangas, Iloilo Dumangas Faculty & Staff, Community & LGU of Dumangas
13. Livelihood Training on Related Crafts Phase 3 June 8, 2019 College of Education Building Sitio Baybay Brgy. Lanas, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo CoEd Graduate Studies Students Partner Community in Sitio Baybay, Brgy. Lanas, Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo
14. Needs Assessment Survey for Fisherfolks July 11, 2019 College Gym ISCOF Main Tiwi Campus Fisherfolks of 8 Coastal Bargy. of Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, LGU
15. Food and Beverage Service Training Program July 16 – August 2, 2019 Dumangas Campus Dumangas Campus Faculty, Staff & Students
16. Alternative Learning System August 2019 – March 2020 Barotac Nuevo, Campus Out-of-School Youth of Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo
17. Cookery Training Program August 12, 2019 Dumangas Campus Dumangas Faculty, Staff & Students
18. Computer Aided Literacy August 16, 2019 St. Louis de Monfort Academy P.D. Monfort North, Dumangas, Iloilo SLDMA students, faculty & staff Dumangas Campus Faculty
19. ISCOF SYSTEM WIDE Product Fair (Exhibit) August 19 – 23, 2019 Main Tiwi Campus ISCOF Systemwide
20. Organic Fertilizer Production: Vermicomposting September 1, 2019 Tambunac, San Enrique, Iloilo Beneficiaries from Tambunac San Enrique
21. ISCOF Climate Change Awareness towards Resiliency on Environment (I-CARE) September 23 – December 11, 2019 ISCOF Agri-Ecotourism Farm, Brgy Libo-on/Abangay Elem School Farmers, DepEd Teachers, Students, Out-of-School Youth, 4 P’s Beneficiaries
22. Utilization Of Indigenous Materials On Food Processing: A Sustainable Livelihood Project For Unemployed October 12, 2019 – November 17,2019 Mapili, San Enrique Cair. ESCD, Dean, SOM,Coordinator ESCD HRM, Program head, HRM and BSHRM IV Students
23. Basic Literacy and Computer Literacy at Sulangan Elementary School October 18, 2019 Sulangan Elementary School Dumangas Faculty & students, Sulangan Elementary School Faculty.
24. Fisheries School and Fisher Folks Seminar on Bayer Aquaculture Products November 15, 2019 ISCOF Main Arts and Sciences Building Fisherfolks from 8 coastal brgys of Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo and the CFAS Fourth Year Students
25. Firedrill Training November 28, 2019 Barotac Nuevo Campus NSTP Students, Faculty and Staff
26. Disaster Preparedness and First Aid Training November 29, 2019 Barotac Nuevo Campus NSTP Students, Faculty and Staff
27. In-House Review of Extension Project Proposals and Stakeholder’s Consultancy December 9, 2019 ISCOF Main Conference Room LGU, DOLE, KALIPI and the ISCOF Main Tiwi Faculty of Different Colleges
28. Turn-over Ceremony of the Shared Services Facilities on Upgrading of Fish Processing Facilities December 23, 2019 ISCOF Main Arts and Sciences Building DTI and ISCOF Main Tiwi Faculty and Staff
29. State University and Colleges Expo 2020 March 9 – 11, 2020 Activity Center, Ayala Mall Trinoma CHED, SUCs
30. ISCOF CARES Covid-19 Bayanihan Initiation (PPE’s Donation) March – May 2020 ISCOF Main Tiwi Campus ISCOF Main Tiwi Faculty and Staff
31. Webinar talk “E-Commerce Bridging the New Normal” June 9, 2020 ISCOF BN Conference Room ISCOF BN Faculty and ESCD Coordinators
32. Collaboration and Partnership of ESCD office together with the Beneficiaries and Fishefolks August 12, 2020 Brgy. Silagon, Ajuy Iloilo ISCOF PNAP, Extension, Reseach and EducEd
33. Mangrove Planting at Brgy. Silagon, Ajuy Iloilo October 9, 2020 Brgy. Silagon, Ajuy Iloilo ISCOF PNAP, Extension, Reseach and EducEd
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