TST dominates system wide journalism contests

By Shanlou Arlos and Jao Betito

In the 2nd System Wide Journalism Seminar and Contest held at the Main Poblacion Conference Room on Aug. 28, The Sea Treasure (TST) staffers dominated by bagging ___ of the ____ awards in News, Editorial, and Feature Writing.

The contests were part of the workshop conducted by the Office of the President in the pursuit of developing journalism skills of ISCOF System's campus writers.

A total of 130 writers and advisers from the five campus publications and four college gazettes of Main Tiwi participated.

College president Dr. Ramon G. Zarceno opened the day-long seminar-workshop with a message expounding on the role of campus and departmental publications in the College's attainment of its mission and vision.

The President also talked on the importance of developing effective oral communication skills which according to him is just as vital in influencing others as the writing skills.

The different contests were held after every lecture given by journalism experts from the West Visayas State University College of Communication.

The lecturers, who were also tasked to judge the on the spot writing competition were college instructor Corazon Buala (photojournalism), journalist and professor Ian Espada (editorial writing and layouting), professor and former College of Communication dean Ricky Abalena (news and the role of journalists), and college instructor Riza Coronica (feature).

Except for the photograph contest in which TST's entry landed only the tenth place, all three other contests were TST dominated.

TST's feature editor Neoniel Pedutem defended his feature writing title from last year with his first placer piece "Found in the Seminary," a short feature on the origins of his name.

Other winners, also writing about their names were ______.

In news, ____ of the winners were from TST: 10th place, name, publication etc etc _____.

In editorial, the results were: 10th Place, name, publication.

OSA director and former TST adviser Instr. Sanny Fernandez handed out the certificates of recognition.

At one point during the awarding ceremony, Instr. Fernandez couldn't help making a side comment: "Oh my, this is getting boring, always TST staffers. Why aren't the other schools winning?"

Current TST adviser Pamila Amor Pogaja was just as surprised, though quite happily.

In the post seminar huddle with the staffers, she exclaimed: "Wow. Congratulations, guys. You did the Main Tiwi campus, most especially me, proud."