Armada, Gomez, Biona lead Presidential Citation Awards list

By Camille Mondero

Dr. Noel Armada, Dr. Dennis K. Gomez, and Professor Henry Biona, all of the College of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CFAS) are the top three awardees of the Presidential Citation given to faculty members on the occasion of ISCOF's 37th College Week.

With 21 other faculty awardees, Armada, Gomez and Biona were honored in a ceremony held at the college gym on August 19.

The awardees were evaluated through a set of criteria stipulated in the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) that include exemplary performance in and beyond their duty.

Loyalty awards were also given to deserving faculty and staff members who have dedicated 10 or more years of their service to the Iloilo State College of Fisheries.

Awardees for the presidential citation in the Main Tiwi campus are the following faculty and staff, listed from rank 1 to 24: Dr. Noel A. Armada, Dr. Dennis K. Gomez, Prof. Henry D. Biona, Sr., Prof. Gildo B. Bayogos, Dr. Rosita N. Braganza, Dr. Rosalinda B. Parreño, Dr. Suzette Q. Palla, Dr. Cecilia R. Velez, Mrs. Imelda M. Arenga, Dr. Ma. Precy P. Perez, Prof. Isidro T. Savillo, Dr. Johnny B. Dolor, Dr. Christine B. Diocos, Mrs. Lilibeth B. Pretescu, Mrs. Melin V. Puyong, Mrs. Melahi V. Baylas, Mrs. Alma P. Betito, Mrs. Mila D. Bedia, Ms. Mariel Daguino, Mrs. Cecilia R. Somosa, Mrs. Laila Grace Panganiban, Ms. Melinda A. Prosperoso, Ms. Heireyne Joy D. Apresto, and Mr. Recarido B. Batisla-ong.

The Loyalty Awardees for Faculty are Associate Professor I Ariel Y. Bordon with 15 years in service, Assistant Professor I Amalia D. Dohinawith 30 years, Proffesor V Felizardo S. Lorque with 35 years, Associate Professor V Suzette Q. Pallawith 35 years, Associate Professor V Rosalinda B. Parreñxo with 40 years and Assistant Professor II Alvin G. Patiam with 15 years.

From General Administration and Support Services, the awardees are Administration Aide III Elias V. Amos Jr. with 35 years in service, Administration Assistant II Teresita B. Dela Cruz with 30 years, Accountant III Joey B. Monderowith 10 years in service, and Farm Worker II Arnel B. Baylas from Auxiliary Services with 30 years in service.

Dr. Ramon Zarceno, SUC President II, handed out the certificates of recognition.